Frequently asked questions


We are able to make an offer for a very wide variety of luxury brands that will normally not be accepted by other shops. We are generally able to make an offer for branded goods in any condition, even broken ones. We are able to purchase all items even without an invoice or guarantee card.

As we generally determine whether we are able to purchase a certain brand or not depending on the purchase prices researched on the resale market, do contact us if you are unsure regarding whether or not we will be able to purchase your item(s).
As Singapore’s market does not offer enough data for us to determine a purchase price, we follow the Japanese market price which allows us to obtain more data about the items we receive. Generally, our purchase prices are determined by the current trends and market prices for each item, based on similar listings online and their going prices. We use a variety of sources, such as online auction end prices for similar items in the same condition to calculate the potential selling price for items we purchase.
In order to receive an accurate estimate for your item, it is important to send to us multiple photos, highlight to us any areas of concern (scratches, dirt, cracks, signs of use), and let us know what accessories are included (E.g. guarantee card, box, invoice, etc).
Do refer to the rough guide as an example:

Bags and wallets:
  • Exterior (front and back)
  • Interior
  • Closeup of handles, corners, and straps (if applicable)
  • Front and back of the watch face
  • Closeup of metal bracelet/ leather strap and buckles
  • Model number (usually written on the guarantee card or back of the watch face)
As items from some brands will require specific details, the staff you speak to will request for any additional photos or details necessary in order to provide an accurate estimate.

Delivery Purchase

As all transactions via delivery purchases will be handled remotely, we will provide estimates for each item you would like to send before making pickup arrangements to ensure that you will be comfortable with the final price we will likely offer. If you are comfortable with the prices we are able to offer for your item(s), do let us know and we will proceed to make an arrangement with our courier based on your preferred pickup timing.

When we receive your item(s) from our courier, our appraiser in store will make an assessment in order to determine the final price we can offer based on the actual condition of the item(s). Upon confirmation of the total amount, payment will be made via PayNow or bank transfer.

In the unlikely event that the item(s) sent go missing in transit or with us, Eco Ring will make payment based on the purchase estimate provided. To compensate for the loss of the item(s), the highest price offered in our purchase estimate will be given to the customer.
In most cases, the courier fee will be borne by Eco Ring. However, should the total offer for the item(s) sent amount to less than S$100, a courier fee of $15 will be charged. There will be no other charges during the transaction.

We will do our best to ensure that the price offered matches our quotation given for the item. However, do take note that prices offered for the item(s) are based on the images sent to us, which at times, may not show the full extent of the condition of the item(s). This may result in a mismatch of the final price offered.

To prevent this from happening, please send to us multiple photos of your item(s) from various angles, and highlight any damaged or worn out areas so that we can provide a more accurate estimate for your item(s).

Yes. As we are unable to guarantee that the estimated offer will be what you will receive, if the final offer is lower than you expect, you can choose to have the item(s) returned to you instead. In this case, we will make any necessary arrangements with our courier to have them returned to you at no additional cost.
We will give our final offer as soon as we receive the item(s) from the courier. Although the timing is subject to our courier’s schedule as well, all items picked up will generally be delivered on the same day or by our next working day. Any updates received from the courier or changes in the delivery schedule will be provided.
Payments for delivery purchase transactions will only be completed once we receive the item(s) delivered by our courier. In general, payments will be completed as soon as the final offer is confirmed. However, we will not be able to process payments on Sundays and payment will be made on Monday morning from 10:00am onwards instead.

Purchase in shop

No appointment is required. Feel free to visit us at any time during our opening hours (10:00 am – 07:00 pm). We attend to all customers on a first-come-first-served basis.
During this period of uncertainty, we understand that you may feel unsure about visiting the store in-person due to the increased risk of COVID-19 transmissions. At all of our outlets, staff are required to monitor their temperature regularly and are encouraged to maintain a high level of cleanliness to reduce the risk of spreading any infectious illnesses. As long as the situation persists, staff will also be required to wear a face mask at all times when serving customers.

Home service

Before making an appointment, please allow us to provide an estimate for your item(s) so that you can get a better idea of the prices you will receive when we take a look at them in person. Do WhatsApp to us photos of your items for an estimate and let us know that you are interested in a home service appointment.
No. We provide home service purchases at no additional cost.
Yes! We are able to conduct purchases outside of your home as well. Do let us know where you would like the purchase to be conducted instead.