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Purchased Items

High Purchase Prices for wide variety
of products with Experienced Appraisers

About Us

It doesn’t end with us purchasing the items you no longer want.
What we aspire to do is to build a long-lasting relationship with our customers.

Highly experienced

With respect for communication our reliable appraisers will carefully assess your items one by one.

purchases available

A trusted and reliable appraiser will visit your home. You can secure an assessment for your items face-to-face in the comforts of your own home.

High purchase prices

EcoRing provides the best prices to purchase your items. Immediate bank transfers or cash to be given on the spot. You can be rest assured that it will be a smooth transaction.

Handle a wide
selection of items

We purchase items ranging from luxury brand bags and jewelry to even fountain pen and keycharms.

Services you can choose at EcoRing!

Service Flow

  • Purchase in Shop
  • Home Service
  • Courier Pickup
  • Whats

Flow of purchase Shop service

  • The most comfortable way for new customers

Please bring the items you want to sell. NRIC/FIN/Passport is required for regulated items. (E.g. watch / jewelry)

We pay for first hour parking.

Visit our shop

Appraisers check the condition etc. for authentication. (Customer can send Whatsapp for pre-quotation before visiting our shop to reduce waiting time.)


After authentication, appraiser will explain the quotation and reasons. Quotation is free of charge. There are no charges for turning down the offer.

Transaction completed

If customer is satisfied with the quotation, the transaction is successful. Customer can choose to receive payment by cash, PayNow or FAST bank transfer.

Flow of Home Service

If you:

  • Have a lot of items to sell.
  • Have a busy schedule and find it difficult to visit our stores
  • Are worried about carrying a lot of valuable items on the street

Home Service is free of charge

WhatsApp us at +65-9093-1843 for Home Service

Please Whatsapp us to make an appointment.

Visit your home

Appraiser visits at the time request. Home, lobby, void deck, condominium function room, etc. are acceptable.

Appraise and quotation

The appraiser will assess each item and give the quotation. You can choose the items that you want to sell, based on the final quotation.

Transaction completed

Customer can choose to receive payment by cash, PayNow or FAST bank transfer.

Flow of Courier Pickup service

If you:

  • Are too busy to visit our stores
  • Are socially distancing due to COVID-19

Please note that this Courier Pickup option is prohibited for regulated items (e.g. watches, jewellery). If you’d like to sell such regulated items to us, please visit our shop or opt for the Home Service option instead.

Courier pickup is free of charge

Courier will receive your items

Pick your items up from your home.

Appraiser in-store

Our appraiser will check the condition and proceed with the authentication of items delivered to determine the final offer for each of the items received.

Transfer to account

If customer is satisfied with the quotation, the transaction is successful. We will PayNow to customer on the same day.

What is WhatsApp quotation?

Just send us photos of the items you would like to sell to receive a quotation on the same day!

Whatsapp us now!
*Please note that the quotation is for reference only. The actual item has to meet our company’s appraising standards before we are able to buy it.
*Please take note that prices are purely based off pictures only and the final quote may be higher or lower, depending on the actual physical condition.

Easy 3 steps

Take Pictures.

Send Pictures.

Receive Quotations.


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Ecology + Ring = EcoRing We never throw useable things away! At EcoRing, we act as an intermediary to pass on your unneeded pre-owned items to someone who can use them. 100% of the products offered by EcoRing are second-hand goods bought from consumers! Our program reuses and recycles products by offering your unneeded goods to others. Do you ever feel wasteful throwing away products you no longer need but are still perfectly usable? Your no longer used products could be wanted by someone else. EcoRing acts as a bridge connecting individuals who want to buy and sell used goods.

EcoRing Japan Co., Ltd.

Since 2001, 118 stores

213, Shikamaku Ebisu, Himeji Shi, Hyogo Ken, 672-8057, Japan

+81 79-243-1777 Website

EcoRing Thailand Co., Ltd.

Since 2003, 8 stores

3/8 Sukhumvit 49, Klongton-Nua, Wattana, Bangkok 10110

+66-2118-6096 Website

Eco Ring Hong Kong Limited

Since 2010, 4 stores

Unit 1510-1511, 15/F, Star House, No. 3 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong

+852-2155-4566 Website

Eco Ring Singapore Pte. Ltd.

Since 2018, 2 stores

14 Scotts Road #02-83 Far East Plaza, Singapore 228213

+65-6732-1508 Website