At EcoRing we purchase apparels  at a high price!

EcoRing employs well-experienced appraisers and has more than 90 stores in
Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong and Thailand combined.

If you are thinking of selling your apparels
at a high price, Ecoring is definitely the place to go!

Sell your apparels like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Hermes at EcoRing today!

At Eco Ring, we offer you high price for your apparels.

EcoRing is expending all over the world. In Japan, EcoRing has the most shops in this industry.
Our experienced appraisers can give you a accurate purchase price for your apparels in a short amount of time.

  1. Experienced Appraisers

    At EcoRing, we employ appraisers with long years of experience in the recycling industries. Not only do we provide a reasonable price for your apparels, our staff is friendly and provide excellent customer service.
    So feel free to sell your apparels at EcoRing!

At EcoRing, no matter how bad the condition of the item is, we can purchase!

If you have been rejected by other shops, or feel that the price they give you is too low, please enquire with EcoRing
Damaged, dirty items have no value? That's not entirely true.
There are a great number of customers looking for items that are no longer in production, or luxury branded items that are affordable.
With the high demand, there will be high purchase price for your items.
Please for once, feel free to let us appraiser your items for you, free of charge.

Example of branded bag conditions

Example of branded watch conditions

Example of accessory conditions

Example of gold, precious metal and silver conditions

If you have other items or in bad condition not listed above, even if you think that nobody would want, feel free to bring it to EcoRing.

At EcoRing we are buying apparels at a high pace.

These are one part of the line up of the apparels that we buy at EcoRing.
There are many more types of apparels that we buy in, so feel free to enquire.

The above brands are not exhaustive. There are other brands that we can purchase at a high price as well.

The points to receive a high value for your item.

Tricks to sell your apparels at a high price

  1. Maintaining your items in its best condition

    Remove stains and dirt. (Apply 部分用洗剤 to severe areas to remove.) Smells like cigarette, mold and/or perfume can be removed significantly just by placing it in a well-ventilated area with sunlight. In addition, we recommend applying some deodorant and antifungal agent while airing it. Crease: Iron the wrinkles of the shoes and let them be stretched beautifully.

  2. As much as possible, try not wait too long before selling

    Have you ever bought a branded clothing, wore it once and twice but somehow felt that it does not fit or is not comfortable to wear? Do not keep them in the closet for too long, let them go as soon as possible! Women's fashion trends change quickly and clothing usually go out of trend after a year or two. If the branded clothing you have is kept away for one or two years, the value will decrease. It is better to let go of such branded clothing as soon as possible if it does not fit or if you do not like it anymore.

  3. Matching the season

    Just like how fashion changes with seasons, the demands of branded clothes change with seasons too. Spring clothes are sold in the spring season, summer brand clothes in the summer season, it is also the same with autumn and winter seasons. Selling the right branded clothes at the right season can result in better purchase price.

  4. Selling your items that is close to new condition

    Even with identical products, the closer the condition is to brand new condition, the higher it can sell for, up to seven fold. It is a good idea to clean up the branded clothes before bringing them in for assessment.

Ways to have your item appraised.